Dead Tags is a new art form coming soon

Dead Tags is a new art form coming soon, so get ready. Its almost here:

The first of its kind after many years of research and collecting , we will exibit soon. Yes a whole new form of art will soon be exibited in the western Ny area. Created by Gerald Gordon Ralston ,who has been a singer songwriter for over 50 years ,He has decided to enter into the talent of his good friend Erika Avery and Jessie Nazareth (ART)Jessie has passed but his love of art has stayed with me

February 5 th is now the date ,and in 13 days we will create a wonderful way to kickstart the summer with a benefit for the kids with a new form of art. .We invite you to check out all the social media links at the all new site created to introduce

Dead tags why do we call it that?
WELCOME TO 2015 and a whole new Mobile Generation of you tube videos and blog posts.

So many people ask me why do you call this site Dead Tags?

I’m about to revile the answer to that soon,and you can become an active part of this cool site. As I will state later ,it came about very accidentally, after I finished a cup of tea with my mom,the tea was Salada. Each and every tea bag had a red and white tag,with a special saying on it, and I said mom there has got to be someway to reclaim these Dead Tags.So it was then I started to collect them, I now have thousands of them and I’m going to change some of them to Art.

We just upgraded the site to the all new WP ,I hope you like it better ,its to be able to make it easier for you to see whats new. We have added a widget of the Daily Motion,so you can follow adventures of Willy Orbison,and songs sung on Polish Blood show every Sunday Evening 6-7 pm on WXRL Radio station

We will post new coming events like the interview we just did with the best promoter of Boxing in Switzerland ,and plans for up coming events in USA.

Willy Orbison Live 1-6-2013 WXRL Back in the USSR

willyorbison’s videos on Dailymotion


We have a clip of Dawn Reese when she promoted her reporters ,so you can follow adventures of Willy Orbison and Dawn Reese

As we embed her actual on live from Denver office ,when she was asked by Rudy Gonzales of EXOTIC FLIGHTS  to secure some of the most talented young ladies on th planet to assist in the new Exotic way to travel. It was then we learned that Christiane Agaleria  was now using one of Rudys new jets for her tours. You can see her branding all over the jet. We also learned later that mega giant Akon had arranged a joint venture with Rudy Gonzales over the past 2014 year. As of now Rudy Gonzalez of Exotic Airways has ports all over the world. You can see more with a direct link to the site. Dawn has been busy also with a contact of UK  producer to HOLLYWOOD TALK SHOW create a new base of soom to surface in Hollywood and in April in Las Vegas.

Please feel free to make comments below



Beware of Wall Street

‘It begins in a graveyard and ends up in a River”thats just one of the tags that we have looked at over the past years of collecting them

Today Top less protesters
Accupy Wall Steet video with lastest count on you tube 3,254,921

Its amazing what makes national news these days. Anderson Cooper was a reporter, then went to  his own TV show on every day, but that ended . To get the attention of the press on an issue ,you need to do what they do on beaches ( Go Topless ) All over the world on the most exotic beaches you see beautiful ladies barring it all and now you can see that and more in new social media links like INSTAGRAM and FLIPAGRAM  besides YOUTUBE, ?Did you know there are over 1,000 social media groups out there besides  TWITTER  and MYSPACE  and ooVoo  and millions of apps that have opened every day on the web. A friend back a few years ago ask me what people could call me in one word ?
I said thats easy I’m THE FINDER  what ever you need i will help you to find it.

Disclaimer : We at Dead Tags are aware of eyes of all ages ,so we have edited the nation news clip on Wall Street Topless Protestors. Its amazing how it came as we selected the Salada Tea Tag  of the day stating

“It begins in a graveyard and ends up in a river”

Its all about a new art form that we will be putting out frequently on  hosted on server

Please make comments so we know you watching out new blog.

Thanks Administrator



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Dead tags art is coming

Dead tags art is coming?

You are probably shaking your heads ,saying what is a dead tag?

It all started back many years ago ,when my late grandmother was drinking a spot of tea.The brand name was Salada, and attached to it was cute sayings. She would drink her tea ,and toss the bag and the cute saying in the garbage. Being a little kid ,I just pulled the tag off and that is when I decided to start to collect these cute sayings. That was many many years ago,so now I was going thru may classic junk box and saw the tags. Well to make a long story have a point,now I have thousands of these tags and I am going to create them into art.

 Being a subscriber to my site,you will be the first to see this unique art.
 Plus also on this site you will learn a lot of cool things I have experienced over the years I am creating this blog on my new iPad thanks to Steve Jobs. I decided to create art with the tags ,seeing I now have thousands of them.
I want to show you a sample of the art ,I am going to be working on .Please make a comment. I will also be putting banners ads on to aid in the fees the server charges me.

This is a small sample of the art using the tags ,that would usually be discarded ,after you make a cup of tea. My idea is to recycle the tags into assorted art forms.
The one below is the form pad from my iPad covered with the tags , If you look close you will see the cute sayings on it. I simply use my iPhone to take  photos of the sample art form.
Please make a comment what you think of this idea.


art from Salada Tags

Get stuck paying new money for
Old stamps

A hypocrite is a man who pays his taxes with a smile

A bachelors black book is full of near mrs

Diets are for people who are thick and tired of it

Arguments always occur during pique time

BUY : One word commercial

A cow is an animal that owes a lot to udders

Humbugs singing insects

Avid fishermen rush from one ex- stream to another

Talk in circles and you’re sure to becomes big wheel

Pearls of wisdom are very rare

Never write about a wrong

Always second guess a first impulse

Diets are for people who are thick and tired of it

Hear no evil speak no evil,
See no evil – and you’ll never be invited to a party

When your ship comes in,
Friends rush dockside

Boot camp where shoe salesmen train

Talk in circles and you’re sure to become a big wheel

Gossip-the knife of the party

Forty is the age of youth,
Fifty is the youth of old age

Flying saucers are sometimes seen in the kitchen

Top secret- A toupee

Calculated risk
Computer dating

When something goes in one ear and
Out the other, it leaves a vacuum

Common sense could prevent most divorces & most marriages

In wisdom is much grief

Oxymoron Non-Dairy Creamer

The crowd pleasers always give a
Candied opinion

Hospitality- making your guest
Feel at home when you wish they were.

No man’s credit is as good as his money

Relaxed mountain climbers are slope pokes

Polite masseurs never run
Customers the wrong way .

Avid fishermen rush from onerous-stream to another

Boot camp where shoe salesman train

Saps: found in a lot of family trees

Never tells bald man a hair- raising story.

The man who invented velvet
Made a nice pile.

Meeting place:
The barbecue

Behind every successful man
Stands a surprised

A censor is someone who puts his
“No’no” in everybody’s business

More Tags to check out


More to follow Please become a subscriber

Thanks  Gerald G Ralston



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Niagara Falls Reporter Newspaper making changes in Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls Reporter Newspaper making changes in Niagara Falls with music groups.White Chocolate after new members added are ready to create a buzz in Western New York.

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DEAD TAGS why this name ?

DEAD TAGS why this name ? Now you will know !

That is the question I get asked every day, so now you will know the rest of the story.

Also in this post will be an index to all the 15 posts I have written on DEAD TAGS SO FAR.
What is Dead Tags dot com?

What is dead tags dot com?>

,I’m sure you are asking why is this blog called Dead Tags. Well its a long story how the site was created with that name DEAD TAGS

But first a highlighted story

I publish 3 major blogs ,I will go into more details later but first I want to put a link to the other two BLOGS

I really wish I had an answer to what is going on with this site.Originally was contacted by a company titled Bloggers making money,after talking to a rep named Shan and explaining a problem I had with theKardash hijacking my social network site ,,and finally had got it back up and line. The big problem I had was people being able to sign in ,that were not joining as members to help the site but to use it like before as a way to send out mass email .  I will explain more about this later in this post. Well after a conversation with Sean ,he said that for the fee of $200.00 ,they could assist me at that time to help my site to have a better visual and search engine presence. I payed the $200.00 and it was a few weeks and another person contacted me and said they had my new site ready. I was excited and could not wait to see it ,as I typed in the name it read like this. Http:// I then said I already own the name,then after a brief conversation with a man named Stephen it was changed to the correct one. Next I was told my training would begin and a very knowledgable young lady Jessica ,started to guide me, it was information I was already familiar with but I was happy tit viewed reviewed.  Now the next part I’m still confused,when they added my new cover,that is very great looking, all my work for 1 year on the original site before they changed it was gone. Now I just have one link to the pageson there now. Sad to say I havehot had any conversation since the last training with Jessica who was assisting me with Adsense and amazon.  I,m not upset but to all my friends that read my blog at http://willyorbison.i,m sorry I lost all the great copy andphotos and videos. Note to the company still waiting to see how we can resolve this matter?    Posted fri m. Oct

This site is having a rebirth of its site and will include links to the many site domains I have at present time. When it is posted I will give you an inside look into who

( What Company ) I have been working with to create this new site,and make it more user friendly . The following site is  Gerald and will include a wide variety of articals that I have come across in the years on the net. Click on it and explore it and make comments PLEASE.

Now that is just 2 of the three you have see so far , Problem I need help with them. There is not enough time to maintain and up date them all, plus run a major web2.0 site
At times I have had to put My Niche Socializer based site  on standby till I got some help, HERE IS A LINK TO THE SITE. It’s now active you can see it at”


We will go into details later ,but it came about when I was having tea with my 93 year old mom,and we had Salada  Tea. I’m not sure you are a drinker of the tea called Salada, but they have tags on them with unique sayings. Below is one of the sayings that are attached to the tea bag.

EXAMPLE:”A baby ostrich puts its head in the sandbox”
and many more .  That was just the the beginning ,after that I was watching tv special and they made a comment ,that more money is with dead artist singers and entertainers , then when they are alive ,and a few days later I created and talked about all the famous people that had passed away , and the estates they leave behind.

Now it’s used by a lot more then just that ,and has a lot of pre domains and sub domains.Like the following sites we have used them see these below.

EXAMPLE :Elvis, Jackson, Brown, and Deann, and the list goes on and on.
EXAMPLE:”It’s amazing how many singers and songwriters ,have had the same experience I have had
I started to create songs at a very young age ,to be more direct age 11. Just recently some of the viewers started to research about the songs I created ,and posted them on you tube (more)
In checking this I also received an email ,advising me about a special new site using the logo of You Tube (tiny you tube)
All I can say is if you get anything you do not know ,save yourself a lot of trouble and do a search on Google
and put in the search words in and I discovered a lot of interesting info about this new invasion BEWARE it’s bad news and can cause you a lot of extra work cleaning your computer. All I can say if you do not know a name and they ask you to give any information ,even your cell number.
Don’t do it ,no matter what they request


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Penny Stock Auctions True or False ?

Penny Stock Auctions True or False ?


How safe are you with offers that come via the internet? I was contacted by a very close friend about a money making opportunity that was active for about going on Two years. I’m sure you have seen auctions on line like Ebay, that help you buy and sell products you need or no longer need.
What I had never heard about was Penny Auctions, they explained that you could become a part of the business financial results. Well I can remember some saying “If an offer sounds to good to be TRUE it is probably not true. Well we always want to trust in our friends, that they have come across a great offer to help you gain a better life.
BELOW IS THE ORIGINAL POST AND LINKS ,they are not active now but I left them here to show you how a good for nothing offer can be promoted ,and sent via the web to access more sign ups. It was called a penny auction, where people buy bids and bid a penny at a time. You say what is so great about bidding penny’s when you come there fill out name and email and get 25 FREE BIDS to bid on Penny auction items up to 90% off great stuff.
Let me tell you a story about a man named Hurst who was interested in creating a newspaper .While others were charging six cents for a paper He only charged one cent for a paper. Now today you have same opportunity to make money with pennies. Check out this link if your looking for great business opportunity
Remember that the web is a safe place , but thieves , tend to pray on people that want to get ahead with a great offer to turn $100.00 into more.With banks only paying a low rate of %
on your money , people are looking for a way to gain a few more dollars. Before you pull out your credit card , or grab a money pack from Walmart and scratch off the id number to call or place in a slot on the sign up page.Take a few minutes to go on line on Google and see if ther is any warring about what you are looking at investing in.
I have to say that I did that but was assured by my friend it was a safe investment ,so I did it. Now will I or can I get my money back ? The real answer is NO , But I will look at it as a lesson learned. Please make comments to what you feel about this ZEEK ZEEKLER and ZEEKREWARDS .
I just did a post look and found that the SSC has established this as a Ponzie sceme , but as of now the site is still on line. Friends above me that informed me to this, say the SSC are just investigating it ,and it was done legally , So after a complete investigation will give it a clean bill of health. I guess all we can do is a wait and see .Follow this blog for more information, and other TO GOOD TO BE TRUE OFFERS.

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ALL MY BEST Videos can not be seen why ?ask Fire Fox

ALL MY BEST videos can not be seen Why? ask Firefox as of July 2 2012

127 videos on songwriterslounge ,and i tryed to post them to my blog .BUT when i did FireFox only allowed a big black square. I have no Idea why.
Can anyone help me its showing all these videos i posted on tube user songwriterslounge.
So i have removed then from my DEAD TAGS SITE.
In the next weeks i will show you why I have decided to call this site DEAD TAGS.

you tube showing 26
Most recent video is that of Polish Blood Radio Show ,filmed today
July 2 2012 .Where Norm Skulski featured two people.
1.) Was the talented songwriter and performer of the group




down at niagara
(c) 2012-gerald Ralston

rock n mole

Free admission to DC3 Broadway Joes Concert Oct 10
DC3 at Broadway Joes

Atlantic Annic festival in NYC

need audio to this

Bichon Frise puppies playing and boxing.mp4


Willy Orbison speaks in video to the world

Willy Orbison june 20 america

Willy Orbison releases another video on june 20 d


Willy Orbison june 20 for what its worth


Willy Orbison of sings stormy monday blues

lets go to hop

lyrics that singer Willy Orbison sang Niagara Falls

Willy Orbison makes up lyrics for Amys stagette party on streets of Niagara falls NY

amy getting married


DRUNK GIRLS at Mighty Niagara Falls as Willy Orbison sings original song Amys getting married

i got babe


Girls dancing to At the Hop by Willy Orbison in Niagara Falls New York

at the hop


Create your own films music and products pretty gils love videos girls

the twist peppermint twist


Willy Orbison promotes new site


mighty niagara falls big bus or progress


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It’s all about pleasure with dance

its all about pleasure with dance




Yes its all about pleasure with dance as you lose

Yes we have a way you can not only lose weight but reduces the

inches and you have a 365 days guarantee it will work or get
your money back.


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It’s all about pleasure

its all about pleasure with dance




Yes its all about pleasure with dance as you lose

Yes we have a way you can not only lose weight but reduces the

inches and you have a 365 days guarentee it will work or get
your money back.



It’s all about pleasure

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Zumba fitness videos were a fun experience

Zumba Fitness videos

were a fun experience

as they danced you could see them in Zumba shoes. Entertainers in the music field have cashed in just using the Zumba beats, and changing the word ,like Pitt Bull ,check it out.
Strange no one has captured the biggest link and made a song on Pintrest for Zumba, just need a new name. Kumba , Womba , and post a few dancing photos of videos on Pintrest.want to know more email me

Gerald G Ralston




zumba clothing all featured on the late night tv show,as they offered zumba dvd programs .
Zumba dvds featured showcase the latest zumba clothes that they
zumba dvd workout video

Did you know there s a way to

lose weight with pleasure


and not pain and diet
is the way to get your body in shape with out using a fitness machine that cost you thousands of dollars for equipment that puts you thru hard vigirous stressful training.

By using the zumba dance video and following the movements they describe, they advise you how you will lous
not just weight but inches in weeks.

Late Night Tv Is proving ground


VIDEO for are new Dancing with pleasure

Send info to
After watching all these videos a friend said there is a way you can lose weight ,like this but in a different way.In the privacy of your own home . You don’s have to be in a big class to do it . Here is how you can have the same results like I said with more pleasure as you dance away those excess pounds. Not just lose weight but the inches you have seen getting larger.

zumba workout video is featured on WKBW tv late night on Friday nights ,providing a new fun way to loss weight .
zumba exercise video shows unique movements that are not only exciting and fun, but claim to reduce the body.
zumba dance workout is a carefully designed plan of movements and air obics in dance to get you to purchase the
zumba workout dvds ,and purchase a series of zumba fitness dvd .It’s a carefully created designed pre packaged
commercial that I have only seen on late night TV shows. I plan to check out and see where
all these Zumba dance parties originate
in and around the area.The best zumba dvd is one that starts to explain how the program is going
to shed those extra lbs ,and
reduce the inches.

Some say Gold Is Better

zumba gold dvd is the extra deluxe video that ,i’m sure for a big mega price ,you can learn a more advanced dance
moves to cut down the dancing , or provide discounts on all the workout clothing,including the zumba cargo pants
and other zumba outfits, zumba cds,zumba sneakers,zumba gear is all you see from hundreds of locations world wide,
as the crowds are all in motion to create a way to
not only dance but ,by using the right movements ,the people are featured on the show, and teach you
how by using the Zumba method, with zumba sticks to enhance the experience. They show how you can loss the weight
from dancing ,but as the 1/2 hour infomercial proceedes it ready to sell you the zumba video workout

zumba fitness videos are just the lost leader to not only gain customers to use the videos, but you need to use the hand shakers and be dressed in
their workout clothing. I have also seen tv commercials recently to use the videos you need to secure its
customers to purchase
the new Xbox and kinec system. They advertise that the main person is a spanish workout expert , but its a
carefully created marketing to get all its customers
to buy zumba dvd and zumba videos along with all the workout fitness clothing including shoes for zumba dancing.
Many have been dancing for a long time and have been looking for zumba clothes cheap, but they have a realized
that there are other methods of weight reduction with out all the dancing and fitness.

One of the latest is the announcemet we saw on tv where on the national tv show Doctor Oz brought a man on that said you can now lose weight with the
assistance that has been helping smokers stop smoking. That great plan is with the use of Hypnosis to lose weight, yes
you heard me right

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A look at the year in reverse 2011


A look at the year in reverse 2011

A look at the year in reverse 2011 and What happened in the world
of WOP and DRS .and PBRS.

What is ahead for the year 2012 ?

In a conversation and exclusive interview with
Mackson Mc Dowell,He has created a new updated six second
search engine that can assist in putting this broken world back together.
He stated “there is a way to put the world back to together
since its wall street fall”.

People need share the wealth and communication of today .
In an exclusive interview with the creator of the all new
Super 6 sec search engine,we learned the following.


What is Shop seek? and why is it diffrent

creation of Shopseek ?

Behind this new search engine.there is a man with a great
background ,behind the creation of ShopSeek.Click on the links below and you will
learn all about his back ground in the legal world of Immigration.

History of Mackson legal

In an ever changing world ,it has used coupons every day with discounts ,from
the coupons you click from the newspaper to ones you can go on the net to save.
Today the stores,pass out debit style


another way to market shopseek-coupon


story about 3 codes am fm blt
In the interview I was interupted by a phone call from Jackson family member MICHAEL SMOOTH ,I put Max on the phone to share with him about SHOPSEEK

phone call michael smooth talent

We will look back to all the information we learned in this past YEAR 2011,


We will look back at the new talent we discovered over this past year

The total interview was about 1 hour long
,done at Dennys on Maple and Niagara Falls Blvd .
and edited with Word Press
interview with shop seek

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