my letter to Google Music from Gerald Ralston

My letter to Google Music from Gerald Ralston,new contact number 716-240-7927 24/7 inline

, read what i wrote to them. Please make valuable comments only/or will be deleted
Im a singer songwriter now age 70, would love to be a part of Google music

Over the years i have been many things , but now I’m just me.Love writing songs
and at 70 , not looking to become an idol or icon. But my mom is now 93 and
before she passes I would love to be a singer in her eyes. Hard to promote yourself,
in the 60 had a song called too young produced by ( guitar Boogie Shuffel ) famed creator
Frank Virtue , He has since passed away . In the mid sixty’s in California
was on Hush Records with a song “I like that girl” Gerry and Leslie. In 70’s
I created the theme song of the Canada Festival Mariposa and Rock N Mole.
on Gamha and Scepter Records.
In 1980’s after attending the party in New York ,for Marvel Comics creator
Stan Lee,
I composed “It’s a comic book world” Today I sing it with the children.
I would love to do this in my 70 age. I see this is the wave of the future of music.
Thank you for you time and letting me share ,my dreams.
Gerald Ralston
cbw practice 3

I was trilled because in less then a day i was contacted by Google Music and they explained for less then $50.00 Fifty Dollars you can get your music on the web for all your fans to order. It’s not like the older days with the big 8 record companies ,that would pay their artists, Even Elvis about 8% . The Record company is very different today as you start to take control of your own career. Google Music has a very unique offer for new artists,when Google provides all the promotional elements and takes 30 % of the artists funds it gets.
We will keep you informed to all the new Google artists, and how you can get some free downloads ,of their new releases.

Speaking of new artist discovered , i was just on you tube and a girl named Kandee really caught my ear. Listen to her do a song you are really familiar with in her own style.
I want to hold hand
a unique version by Kandee

Here is another one please make valid comments

Love Me Tender Cover by Kandee

Now Like DoctorOz states “In case you missed it ,here is a couple songs I did in Niagara Falls , a few covers and an original titled “Down At Niagara”

Down at Niagara Falls

willy orbison at niagara falls
sings all oldies
shake rattle and roll
whole lotta shaking going on

shake it baby shake it

Poor little Fool

Original sung
Down at Niagara
Niagara Center

Willy Orbison sings Down at Niagara mixed music by Genius

More to come ”

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  1. Hey dude! I completely agree with your opinion. I’ve just added it to vavorites.

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